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Social Media Journalism Internship

The Youth MOVE Maine Social Media Journalism Internship (SMJI) is a way for youth ages 14-25 to gain experience in areas of communication, writing, and technology. The internship also provides an opportunity to work with social justice, mental health, juvenile justice, and other sociological issues. The goal is to unite youth voice across the state of Maine on the Youth MOVE Maine website, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  

Successful candidates will participate in a SMJI Internship training with components of leadership, social justice, as well as some skill workshops on writing, basic blogging skills, and how to write for the web.

The SMJI is a new pilot for Youth MOVE Maine. As an organization dedicated to youth voice, you will be an active participant in the formulation of the SMJI program including trainings, workshops, collaborations, conferences, pertinent state meetings, and opportunities for connecting with other youth in the state.

Are you interested in participating in your region’s SMJI? Please contact the Regional Coordinator for your region. Please visit your region’s website here.

Our SMJI Participants

unnamedKerriann Alexandre

I’m eighteen years old. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I am an advocate. I enjoy reading and I want to be an author in the future.  My passions are music, animals, helping others, and poetry.  I hope you enjoy my work 🙂

AelAel Fitzgerald

I’m Ael Fitzgerald, Brewer High class of 2016. I’m a fan of things like Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. On Pottermore, I’m a Hufflepuff with an Elm and Phoenix feather wand. My besties are Rochelle, Laura, and Kristy.


Megan HutchinsMegan Hutchins

Hey it’s Megan. I am a SMJI for Youth MOVE Maine. I am a short, sassy person who can sometimes get too loud. I am obsessed with YouTube, Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea, and Troye Sivan. But, I’m really just trying to leave this Blue Neighbourhood.

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Miranda Kramer

Hey, it’s Miranda! I’m just your average brunette, except much more fabulous. Besides being a total book nerd, I’m also a humanitarian. Every day, I strive to be heard, sharing a message of acceptance and equality through my words. My advice is to love yourself, not because Justin told you to, but because you’re beautiful. Never forget that you’re worth it.

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