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And Next Comes Life

High School. It’s either the best four years of your life or the worst. Either way, your attendance is definitely important. The way you act in high school truly determines where your future is headed. It’s where you figure out your what you’re going to do when it all ends.

Maybe It’s Me By Kerriann Alexandre

(This is a work of fiction.  Kind of a vent-story thing.  Hope you enjoy it!)

        “I personally think that if you are as attractive as Andy Sixx, you should have to be President.  Just an opinion.”  My best friend Jake stated.  I laughed.

     “I suppose you’re right; He is gorgeous.”  I shifted my heavy bag from one shoulder to the other.  I hated not having a car.  Walking home seriously sucked.  

Dress Codes

It’s 80 degrees F outside and just as hot inside your school.Would you rather wear jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a tank top.Obviously you would pick the cooler option of the tank top and shorts.But as of right now you don’t even have the choice.It’s all thanks to the DRESS CODE.Dress codes have been revamped and are strictly focusing on what girls are allowed to wear.

Love and Its Labels

In a perfect world, people could be whatever they wanted to be, and it wouldn’t matter if you were different. No one would care if you were a boy who liked other boys, or if you were a girl who liked other girls. No one would give it a second thought if you liked everybody or if you only liked one person. Everyone would accept everyone, and the world would be a happy place. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, especially in today’s modern society

Our Gender Pay Gap

The gender wage gap is one of the social injustices towards women.Studies show that women make on average 78 percent of what men make for the same job.It’s not that men are demanding that they receive more pay than women.It’s actually the opposite.Most men want women to succeed in the workplace.But these men are the executive that pay men more for the same jobs.

” Resource ” Class

In today’s world success as a student is defined by the classes you take and the grades you get; some students are doomed before their first day of kindergarten.

Bullying And Me

On the subject of bullying, I guess I’d have to say that I’ve been through it.  It’s never easy.  I never really coped well.  I turned to self-harm really quickly.  I thought that if I did that, I’d end up with more friends because then I could relate to people.  But that’s not how it worked.

$ocial Media Profit$

When you think about what websites classify as social media the first sites that come to mind are usually Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Myspace (if you’re in your 20’s), however, social media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Social Media is For Business and Pleasure

College is quickly approaching and you’re trying to decide what you want to major in. Your guidance counselor tells you to major in something you enjoy doing and turn it into a career. When asked to think about this topic, you realize that you spend most of your time on Facebook or other social media platforms keeping in touch with your friends and family. You don’t feel like that is something you could turn into a major or a career, but it is.

The Effects of Social Media

Everyday there are about 55 million status updates on Facebook alone. Do you  think that all of those 55 million statuses are positive.Obviously not but don’t you wish it could be this way.


Like any 14 year old girl I have a Facebook,Twitter,and Snapchat and I am constantly checking for news and new drama.On any given day you can go onto my newsfeed and see what people, that Facebook calls my friends, post. Most of the posts are my “friends” making fun of or complaining about something to make them look cool or so they can fit in. I like to think that when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook he  wanted it to be a safe and peaceful place. Hopefully a place where you could voice your opinions and share news, pictures,and reconnect with old friends. But as of now our generation is polluting it.  

Youth MOVE ME News

Out of the Darkness

​On Sunday October 4th, YMM Bangor Region joined over 850 people at the University of Maine Campus in Orono to participate in the annual Out of the Darkness walk. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. The walk began with a ceremony where the stories of those who had lost loved ones, had struggled with suicide, or had been impacted by suicide. The powerful ceremony occurred on the mall outside of the Fogler Library on the UMaine Campus, the walk then proceeded through downtown Orono, and back to the University of Maine.​ The Walk Committee reported over 850 walkers, and over $27,000 was raised to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).


Youth M.O.V.E Walks with NAMI

On Sunday September 27 YMM Bangor Region traveled to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland to participate in the NAMI 2015 walk. NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and their mission is to help build better lives for people who suffer with mental illness and to help fight the stigma around mental illness. The walk was a 5k and it was an absolutely beautiful day. It started out with tables from sponsors to share information on their companies and how they help, along with coffee, donuts, raffles and some music. The walk was about an hour long and ended with a provided lunch and more music with a huge dancing crowd. It was a beautiful walk along the ocean and a great time had by all. We hope to see everyone there next year!

Project AWARE Summer Film Institute

Youth M.O.V.E recently had the opportunity to join on Project AWARE’s summer film institute held in Biddeford Maine. The week long summit is designed for youth ages 13-18 to create, write, and film original works based on issues that affect teens throughout the state and beyond. 

Welcome to the new SMJIers!

Youth MOVE Maine is excited to welcome aboard our new Social Media Journalism Internship Participants!

We wanted to take a minute to introduce them and welcome them to Youth MOVE!




Bangor Region


“My name is Dillon, but call me Stan and I will love you. Animals, people, things, I like a lot of stuff. SAVE THE ORCAS. I’m pretty random. Mako sharks can swim 60 mph. Pistachios.”


Lewiston Region


Miranda Kramer is 14 years old and loves writing. She lives in the realm of book stories and her one dream is to inspire. Outside of this internship, she watches too much Netflix, avoids all situations that involve running, and does her best to stay out of reality.


Portland Region


“I’m Kerriann. I’m a writer. I’m 17 and I’m from Southern Maine. I’m totally crazy in a good way and I’m obsessed with the MadHatter from Alice In Wonderland. The Red Queen stole my heart.”


Lewiston Region


“I am 14 years old. This fall I will be starting high school at LHS (Lewiston High School). I hope to one day be able to positively affect my generation. I read way too much and tend to ignore the world while reading. My favorite TV shows are American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.”

Check out their work on our Youth Blog! www.youthmovemaine.org/youthblog

*All content on the blog comes directly from our participants. Youth MOVE staff does not alter or edit any work.


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