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“This Girl Can” Campaign ad Review

I came across this posting in The San Francisco Globe the other day while scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed which struck me. This being National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I thought it would be appropriate to talk about something which promotes women being women, having fun and being active without promoting unhealthy image and weight expectations.

Life After Injury

One of my close friends, Courtney Tompson*, is almost completely handicapped. At 15, Courtney was a very active athlete at Wells High School, playing basketball, softball, and cheerleading.

An accident during a basketball game her freshman year broke her back.

Courtney had jumped to block a shot when a girl from the other team knocked her out of the way. Courtney landed flat on her back. Her doctors told her that this incident is likely what broke her spine.

But Courtney doesn’t let her back injury get her down.

“Besides the pain I deal with on a daily basis, my life is everything I dreamed it to be,” Courtney says.

Shortly after injuring her back, Courtney met her husband Nicholas*. She says that he forced her to look at her life in a positive light, rather than with negativity. They married in May and are planning on starting a family sometime soon.

In addition to the marriage, Courtney is also the manager of a copy center in Sanford. The owner, another family friend, will someday transfer the ownership to Courtney. Though her life isn’t going as she planned, Courtney loves where her it’s going.

During her first couple years of high school, Courtney was constantly surrounded by friends. After the accident, Courtney went from being very active to laying on the couch and watching television. Her friends stopped wanting to spend time with her and eventually faded into the background. Through this experience, she discovered who her true friends are. And she married one of them.

Courtney’s advice to those suffering with a similar injury is to never give up. She says that, though it may be hard, that someday you will find a solution. You just have to keep pushing.

*Names changed to protect identity

Portland Locals Remember MLK and Rock Merrill Auditorium

On January 16, 2015 King Middle School’s Night Life Band, in partnership with Maine’s NAACP chapter held an energized concert at Merrill Auditorium with award winning guest blues musician, Samuel James and an appearance by the Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Choir.

Breaking Stereotypes

What do you picture when you hear the words “college gamer”? The average person may see someone who is overweight, nerdy, and stays in their room all day playing video games.

Living Authentically

A couple weeks ago I had my first experience speaking on the radio. The topic was living authentically, and I focused mainly on the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) world. I prepped for weeks for this show and talked to dozens of people about how they live authentically.

On the night of the show, I was running on three hours of sleep and four bottles of Pepsi. I was allergic to my perfume, so my breathing was labored. Since I had no experience speaking on the radio, my nerves made my voice shake.

Local Organization Spotlight: Fusion Bangor

It is now a few weeks into the new year and you are starting to feel bored and lonely. It seems like all you do is eat, sleep and go to school or work. You are looking for something to occupy your free time but do not know where to go or what to do. One local organization realizes that this feeling is normal and is doing something about it.

New Year, New Me?

What’s the deal with New Year’s Resolutions?



Happy 2015!!! As the new year is upon us I thought it’d be appropriate to talk a bit about new year’s resolutions. As we all probably know, a new year’s resolution is a promise to do something or to stop doing something which will help improve oneself from this year onward.


However, we all also know these resolutions seem to be impossible to keep. In fact, according to, only 8% of people achieve their new years resolutions. And though I can’t say I’m surprised, I am curious as to why people even make resolutions and why we haven’t just given up on them entirely if they seem to just set us up for failure.

Video Review: Try Something New for 30 Days

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. People everywhere make New Year’s resolutions to improve themselves in some way usually related to their health. All too often, though, many of these resolutions end up being forgotten within a week. A TED Talk given by Matt Cutts, a computer scientist gives viewers a new way to approach their New Year’s resolutions and perhaps a way to actually keep them.

Youth MOVE ME News

Youth MOVE Maine Launches Advisory Council!

Youth MOVE has been staying busy this winter, launching several new programs and continuing workshops across the state. Perhaps most exciting of these launches was our newly formed Advisory Council. Basically, our Advisory Council is a group of young people representing different cross-sections of Maine, who come together to both discuss leadership in action as well as provide guidance for Youth MOVE activities.

Youth Move Maine Does Food and Medicine

On Tuesday November 18, Youth Move Maine in Bangor took on Food and Medicine’s solidarity project. Located in Brewer, along the border of the Penobscot river is a non-profit organization that looks out for its fellow Mainer.

Our Walk Out of the Darkness

On Sunday, October 5th, hundreds of people turned up at the University of Maine Orono campus to walk for suicide awareness. This walk was organized by Out of the Darkness, a national organization whose focus is to honor suicide victims, survivors, and families while educating the community about this issue.

Youth Social Media & Journalism Internship Launch

Over the last couple of months YMM staff have been outreaching to communities and developing a new program for youth around the state in efforts to enhance youth voice right here on the internet in relation to youth issues; tackling topics important to them. The content and ideas are all of theirs. We selected three to participate in the yearlong program. They will be writing over at the Youth Blog section of the site.