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What We Do

Youth MOVE Maine provides many programs for youth to get involved with!

Advisory Council

Youth MOVE Maine’s Advisory Council is a leadership program, where youth get a direct role in developing community programs and workshops.

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Social Media Journalism Internship

Youth MOVE Maine’s Social Media Journalism Internship is designed to enhance youth voice through skills development, community awareness, and writing practices.

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Trainings and Workshops

Youth MOVE Maine provides training to youth-focused organizations to become more youth guided. In addition to technical assistance trainings, Youth MOVE Maine also provides youth-centered workshops on a range of topics.

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Youth Support Partners

Youth Support Partners are young adults who have been resilient through their own challenging life experiences. Youth Support Partners are trained to develop strong relationships with youth who are referred to the program.

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What Youth Say

Youth voice is the cornerstone of Youth MOVE Maine, this is what youth say about us:


"Whenever Youth MOVE comes up in my life, that's all I think about."

-Youth in Northern Region



"Youth MOVE Maine is awesome. There is always a lot of energy so many cool and outgoing people. Youth MOVE Maine helps me be involved in the community."

-Madina Abdi (Mid-Maine)

Megan Hutchins


"Since becoming SMJI, I feel like I have become part of a family that can talk, share anecdotes, and laugh with each other. Youth MOVE Maine is one of the best experiences I've had."

-Megan Hutchins (Mid-Maine)

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"For those of us whose mission in life is to change the world, Youth MOVE Maine is the first step in making a difference. This organization gives a voice to the ones that are otherwise silenced."

-Miranda Kramer (Mid-Maine)



"I have been inspired with Youth MOVE Maine they help me with all the help I need like when I am lost and worried and just when I feel like a loaner, I always contact the Youth MOVE Maine. I feel like they help. Youth MOVE Maine inspired me, I believe that it's a good spot to be. I really love it! Youth MOVE Maine is a place to be, y'all never get lost you will love Youth MOVE Maine."

-Johoro Ibrahim (Mid-Maine)



"I'm on the Advisory Council for Youth MOVE Maine, it has been such a great experience for me. All of my ideas and thoughts get heard and recognized. All of the people are really open and excited for others. I love working for a new future that I now have a voice in."

-Megan F. (Northern)

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Let's Keep the Youth Voice Heard

Together, we can keep the youth voice in Maine heard! Your contribution to Youth MOVE Maine will help keep our programs running statewide!