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Local Organization Spotlight: Food Corps

It may still be winter but one local organization is already thinking about gardening, specifically helping schools to start their own gardens to supply their lunches with healthy, locally-grown produce.

“This Girl Can” Campaign ad Review

I came across this posting in The San Francisco Globe the other day while scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed which struck me. This being National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I thought it would be appropriate to talk about something which promotes women being women, having fun and being active without promoting unhealthy image and weight expectations.

Life After Injury

One of my close friends, Courtney Tompson*, is almost completely handicapped. At 15, Courtney was a very active athlete at Wells High School, playing basketball, softball, and cheerleading.

Portland Locals Remember MLK and Rock Merrill Auditorium

On January 16, 2015 King Middle School’s Night Life Band, in partnership with Maine’s NAACP chapter held an energized concert at Merrill Auditorium with award winning guest blues musician, Samuel James and an appearance by the Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Choir.

Breaking Stereotypes

What do you picture when you hear the words “college gamer”? The average person may see someone who is overweight, nerdy, and stays in their room all day playing video games.

Living Authentically

A couple weeks ago I had my first experience speaking on the radio. The topic was living authentically, and I focused mainly on the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) world. I prepped for weeks for this show and talked to dozens of people about how they live authentically.

On the night of the show, I was running on three hours of sleep and four bottles of Pepsi. I was allergic to my perfume, so my breathing was labored. Since I had no experience speaking on the radio, my nerves made my voice shake.

Local Organization Spotlight: Fusion Bangor

It is now a few weeks into the new year and you are starting to feel bored and lonely. It seems like all you do is eat, sleep and go to school or work. You are looking for something to occupy your free time but do not know where to go or what to do. One local organization realizes that this feeling is normal and is doing something about it.

Youth MOVE ME News

President Obama Declares May National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

On April 1, 2015, the White House issued an official proclamation from President Obama declaring April National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. He isn’t the first president to make this proclamation, which is far from new; the first Sexual Assault Awareness Month took place in April of 2001! The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) has since been hosting it annually in April, with the campaign growing more and more each month.

Documentary Screening Brings Sight to Sex Trafficking in Maine

When thinking about human trafficking, the average person probably doesn’t apply the term to their own city or town. We typically think of its as a phenomena that takes places in foreign countries, perhaps in Cambodia or India or parts of Europe. Maybe it is happening in some of the larger US cities — New York, Miami, Dallas, and of course Las Vegas. But Bangor, Maine? Probably not.

Expanding Your Horizons

Every year the University of Maine in Orono, Maine does an all-day conference for girls in 7th and 8th grade from across the state. The conference is focused around math and science with the hope of encouraging more young women to pursue careers in these areas of interest.

YMM Takes On Zines!

Recently Youth MOVE and eight young people in Southern Maine ventured into the exciting art of zine making. Zine, short for “fan-zine” is an art form that is traditionally done with nothing more than paper, staples, and a dependable copying machine. As a publication form, zines have covered everything and anything that a person wants to put to paper. However, they are perhaps most well known for documenting “underground” topics and fandoms, sci-fi to feminism, and exploring those topics in a wide audience who may only know the author by a pen name.

YMM Welcomes the Bangor Advisory Council Team!

               Bangor would like present their Northern Main YOuth MOVE Advisory Council! Bangor is made up of three strong and resilient young women. Megan, Rachael, and Tyneshia are excited to come together to create ways for youth voice to be enhanced in their communities. They are dedicated to reducing stigma, stereotypes, and bullying by sharing their stories and experiences. The Bangor Advisory Council has a strong drive for change with positive attitudes and caring soles. Partnered with Sayre and the Bangor team, these Youth MOVErs are excited to see what the future holds!


Meet TYNESHIA:A.C.2.24.15

Tyneshia is from the Bangor area and has dedicated her life to being a Native Youth and Tribal Advocate. Tyneshia joined the Youth MOVE Maine advisory Coucil to use her voice to help those who don’t know they have one.



Megan graduated from Nokomis High School and got involved with Youth MOVE Maine through her speeches about Cerebral Palsy and anti-bullying. She is interested in being a part of the Advisory Council because she loves helping people. She is passionate about her speaches, helping out, and solving problems.



Rachael goes to Brewer High School and has been accepted to Northern Maine Community College for automotive care in the fall! She has been a pare of the foster care system for 13 years and is interested in being a part of the Advisory Council to be a voice that makes a difference in other’s lives.