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Fa La La Family

Fa La La Family

Sayre Savage No Comment

Although the radios have been playing those classic Christmas tunes since Thanksgiving, I wasn’t prepared this year for the festivities to begin. Usually, this time of year is my favorite, but this year I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. Maybe it was the inevitable gloom that always hangs in the air when it’s nearing the day when the year is scheduled to end. Maybe the fact that I had none of my Christmas shopping done was the reason I wasn’t in the holiday mood. Anyways, now that the ever-loved day has come and passed, I have finally realized why I wasn’t so cheery this year. I didn’t fully understand the meaning of Christmas until I realized it was so much more than receiving gifts.

When I was younger, Christmas meant presents and excitement. The whole month of December was about preparing for the morning in which my brother would run across the hall to my bedroom and wake me up. From there, we’d rush downstairs, careful not to peek in the living room where our unopened gifts awaited, and spend the next ten minutes trying to get our parents on their feet. Then came the agonizing period of time where my brother and I, barely able to contain ourselves, would complain about the rule that said my parents had to have their coffee before the fun began. When we were finally allowed to explore under the tree, there was no hesitation in my brother and I as we tore through all of the wrapping. Once all of the toys were opened and A Christmas Story had played at least three times, it was then that waters began to calm. We would all go off in our separate directions, eager to play with our new treasures. That was my Christmas back then. Of course I won’t forget to mention the other traditions such as putting our fake tree together, struggling to reach the top for placing the angel, and secretly sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to steal some of Santa’s cookies. All of these memories hold a very special place in my heart. These were the few days in the year where all of the drama faded away, and the light of seasons’ greetings took place.

However, as time has passed, I’ve come to appreciate these holidays for something more. No longer do I dwell on receiving more gifts. The anticipation of material items has been replaced with the joy of spending time with the ones I hold dearest. I’ve also learned that one’s family doesn’t always mean blood. While my brother was off in Colorado, exploring his newfound adulthood, I had begun to think it would be an uneventful Christmas, spent with only my parents. This was not the case. Instead of a lonely holiday with my parents, we spent the day with our closest friends, some that have started to become more of a second family. The fact that we did not share blood with the people we were celebrating this sacred holiday with did not matter. There were so many laughs shared around the table as we ate our hearts out, telling stories from past memories. There was dancing and singing; you could feel the love in the air. It was a beautiful sight, family and friends combined, everyone enjoying themselves as the evening faded and the Christmas festivities came to an end. When I got home that night, I couldn’t stop smiling, replaying the fun from the past couple of hours. This, I thought to myself, this is what family feels like. This is what the holidays are all about.

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