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The Ugly Truth of Abortion

The Ugly Truth of Abortion

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Author: Dillon Cosgro

On June 25, 1995 a 5 foot 6, 90 pound woman named Gloria Boykin went to her doctors. Gloria was going for a tubal ligation, AKA she was getting her tubes tied. Already a mother of 2, she decided that that was enough. That is until the doctor told her that she can’t receive the procedure and when asked why he responded with “ Pregnant women can’t get a tubal ligation. “ Now, she was only 6 weeks into the pregnancy and she could have gotten an abortion but she chose not to thankfully. 7 months later and 4 false miscarries later a 20 inch, 6 pound 11 ounce baby was born at 4:49 A:M on January 30th,1996. This boy was named Dillon Michael Cosgro. Thankfully I was allowed to be born and wasn’t aborted but some are not so lucky. Most people are ignorant to what actually happens to the unborn baby during an abortion and I plan to not only touch on that but statistics of abortions and the responsibilities as humans we have for those unborn children. Hopefully, after reading this, you will rethink your stand on pro-life versus pro-choice.

So thanks to advancements in technology, with smart planning, no one will get pregnant if they don’t want to. The center for disease control and prevention tells us that the pill has a failure rate of only 9% and the condom of only 18% so the odds of getting pregnant if both are used are miniscule at best. Even if the girl isn’t on the pill and you aren’t confident that the condom worked you can always use “ The Morning After Pill “ which actually can work up to 5 days after sex but is suggested to be used sooner. So say hypothetically you drunkenly forget a condom or taking your pill slipped from your mind, you will always be able to have a fallback plan thanks to the morning after pill. It may be a more expensive option but in a hypothetical situation if you can’t afford to pay for the pill I would willing bet money that you could walk into most churches and humble yourself by telling them your situation and they would not only counsel you but help pay for the pill if you were dead set on going about that path, I know this through an experience a friend of mine had to go through. But if you choose not to take the pill you better be ready for the baby because abortion isn’t a pretty or a painless process.

A life taken is never pretty but an abortion is just morbid and inhumane when looking at what actually happens. The two most common ways to have an abortion is by pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol ) or Vacuum Aspiration. WebMd says that within 9 weeks you can take Mifepristone, which stops some hormones and cause contractions to start, usually at the doctors. He then gives you a tablet or pill called Misoprostol which is to either be ingested orally or inserted vaginally 48 hours after Mifepristone. This causes the contractions to speed up. The final stage consists of you miscarrying the baby, most oftenly, into a toilet to be flushed down into the sewers. Spuc.org tells us about how within 12 weeks you can have the operation vacuum aspiration which is quicker and more effective but also more brutal and painful for the baby. What happens is a tube is inserted vaginally and then the suction begins. By now the baby is already too large to fit so what ends up happening are each limbs are torn from the body in an agonizing and medieval manner till all that’s left is a dismantled carcass tiny enough to finally pass through the tube. So your options, if you weren’t careful and avoided pregnancy when you weren’t ready, are to either put a baby, your child, a human being through such a horrible process or have the child and either raise it or put it for adoption where it will at least be alive. Unfortunately the later is not the option selected as much as I would hope.

2.3 a minute, 137 per hour, 2,900 a day, 1,212,400 a year. 56,993,299 babies since 1973, to put that into perspective of the cumulative lives lost, children lost due to abortion equal the population of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Arkansas combined. 16 of our great nations states have the same total population as the casualties of abortion. The number is even harsher to look at when you fathom how 93% of all abortion are because of social reasons, not health and not rape. If that doesn’t make you realize how dangerous it is, you have to acknowledge that 33% of ALL pregnancies end in abortion. We are missing one third of our nation’s population. That means there are potentially presidents, doctors, lawyers, and nobel prize winners that never even got to see light. Of that 33% nearly 20% of the abortions come from women who have had 3 or more abortions already, so I have to ask, how is it ok to let people kill innocent, unasking, defenseless humans as a means for birth control? Have we really became so primitive to be able to kill so remorselessly?

A gang, a drug, or a disease that kills 2,900 people per day would be on the news constantly, either to find a cure, dismantle the drug, or incarcerate the gang; abortion runs rampant, unfiltered, and aimlessly across America. Regardless of your belief you cannot deny that by the definition of life, which is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death ,  that a baby in a woman is a life, so who are we to put a less value on their life than is on someone who was fortunate enough to have parents that let them live? A life is a life and taking a life is taking a life, born or unborn. In 38 states killing a pregnant woman counts as a double homicide, so how does abortion not count as murder? I beg for us all to take a stand as human beings and stop this reckless procedure, stop this inhumane process from preventing amazing people from receiving their chance at life; life is a god given right and a baby conceived but unborn is left defenseless while everyone around them is for some reason allowed to take that right from them, how is that even remotely humane or fair?

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