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YMM Announces findings of What Helps? What Harms? Initiative

YMM Announces findings of What Helps? What Harms? Initiative

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Youth MOVE Maine is an organization founded on the belief that all young people should have the opportunity to advocate for themselves and play an active role in decision-making that affects their lives. What Helps? What Harms? is an initiative intended to influence programs and policies for youth. A form of this process was first completed by a chapter of Youth MOVE in Westchester County, New York, to address various topics, services and systems that were unique to that community. To bring the authentic voice of Maine youth, Youth MOVE Maine utilized youth driven approaches including targeted focus groups of youth in Cumberland, Androscoggin and Penobscot counties to gather What Helps?, What Harms? and What’s Needed? in Maine. This process compiled diverse voices of youth who have experience with juvenile justice, mental health, community, foster care, education and employment.

Purpose Statement: Youth MOVE Maine What Helps? What Harms? initiative is a youth driven project to empower youth in identifying helpful and harmful assets from each of the 6 identified pillars (Community, Employment, School, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Foster Care). Through their lived experiences within these pillars, youth also voice what is needed for the systems of care to be more supportive and resourceful.

Activity Statement: Youth MOVE Maine met with targeted youth who had lived experiences within each of the 6 pillars. These meetings were inclusive of the focus groups in a variety of settings to ensure a diverse dialogue of youth voices. Each focus group was conducted using a set of questions which included what their experience has been within the pillar, what has been challenging, what has been helpful and what they see as needing reform.

Youth voices need to be heard at all levels, including state and local levels. Youth are continuously facing obstacles and struggles within the 6 identified pillars. Youth voices and ideas are vital in learning the true gaps that exist within our systems, and identifying changes that will result in more relevant, supportive and effective services.

Read the What Helps? What Harms? Initiative Findings Document here.

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