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The Election

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No matter how hard I think about it, the election just doesn’t feel real. We as a country have just elected a president that has no political experience. Someone who is racist, sexist, and is a hateful person. So while having Donald Trump as our President-elect the white man who voted for him will be fine, but the majority are not. Trump has openly said he will try to repeal equal marriage rights as well as attacking same sex adoption and parenting. Although I am not part of that community I am scared of the impact our new President will have in the next for years.

Mental Illness in Teens

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Mental Illness: A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior.

Although the cause of most mental illnesses are not known, it has become clear that many of these conditions are caused by environmental circumstances but also by a combination of genetic, biological, psychological factors. Mental illnesses however are not a character fault and is not a shortcoming in their personality. 

One very common Mental Illness is Depression.  Depression is a major and very common mental illness in the USA. In 2013, an estimated 2.6 million adolescents had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. I believe that school is partially to blame for this. It’s not that I think learning is bad; I actually love to learn. I just think that schools are going about it all the wrong way.

School now is all about passing, not about learning. Cramming to remember everything so you can pass the one of the three grades that count towards your report card is stressful. Along with doing all your homework so your H.O.W( Habits of Work scores participation at our school) scores don’t go down is too much, physically and mentally. After doing this week after week you get exhausted and you can only handle so much. This causes sometimes a downfall into Depression, making school a place you definitely don’t want to be. Anxiety is another mental illness that people in the US struggle with.

Anxiety is even worse for teens. For example, I know at least 15 people who have anxiety almost everyday because of what the education system has become. Whether it is that we only get about three grades a quarter that average together or that we have too much homework. There is a picture that I’ve seen before and along lines of this it says “they expect me to wake up at six, go to school for eight hours, then practice for three, do homework, study, and get eight hours of sleep and then everything else I have to do at home.” If you say that homework and studying takes about three hours that is 2o hours and if you add the eight hours of sleep that is 28 hours. More than you can get done in one day. Being expected to do all of the cause anxiety

Mindyourmind.ca has created a list of 10 factors that lead to teen depression. First on the list is academic stress. Academic stress is a mental distress associated with the anticipation of academic failure. or even unawareness to the possibility of such failure. Teens endure an enormous amount of pressure in school. Now with the cost of college rising and stressing over classes, grades and tests can cause you to become depressed,

The second factor on their list is Social Anxiety or Peer Pressure. Social Anxiety is a chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. During teenage years you are expected to have an array of friends that all adore you. Popularity is important to most teens, and a lack of it can be very upsetting. The appearance of peer pressure to try illicit drugs, drinking or other experimental behavior can also be traumatic for teens that aren’t eager to give in, but are afraid of damaging their reputation through refusal.

The next supporting factor is the ninth on their list is Low Self-Esteem. Low Self-Esteem causes a person to feel unworthy, incapable, and incompetent. In fact, because the person with low self-esteem feels so poorly about him or herself, these feelings may actually cause the person’s continued low self-esteem.  Being a teenager isn’t easy on the self-esteem. From having to be around people you think are judging you at school to not being treated right at school and nothing happens about about.

What I think is crazy is all of the factors to depression all happen at school. Obviously something is happening at school and we need to stop it.

The Thing About Music

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                When I first found out that this month’s topic was song lyrics, I was ecstatic. Music has always been part of my life. From listening to Simon and Garfunkel with my dad and Bruno Mars with my sister to classical music at school or Rend Collective at youth group. Now that I’m in highschool I sing in the choir and I try to sing my best . Just like my sister did when she was part of her own choir at the high school. Music allows people to express themselves when words or actions can’t.

Lately I’ve been listening to music a lot lately, especially because we can listen to Spotify at school. My go to song right now is Part of Your World by Jodi Benson. I know it’s from the Little Mermaid but I don’t care. This song from my childhood brought back so many memories. When I was younger I used to watch The Little Mermaid a lot. To this day it still is my sister’s favorite Disney movie ever. We would spend hours upon hours sitting in front of the TV watching it on repeat. The thing is I don’t think that i was wasting my time.

              In my boss’s car she keeps her iPod, and every time we get into the car someone grabs the iPod and turns on their favorite song. So the other day we were in the car on our way to drop off one of my friends before we went to the DMV. I scrolled through almost all the songs in her iPod before I came across Part of Your World. I immediately decided to blast it  Like almost every other time I’m in her car we had two other people in the car. They aren’t from the US and I guess had never watched The Little Mermaid. So as I’m shouting along to the best song ever they sit in the back seat flabbergasted and have pure amazement on their faces. Throughout the whole song they giggled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone laugh that hard in my entire life.

               When you look back on that song it has a lot of meaning now that I didn’t have when I was younger. Before I just really liked the way it sounded and its catchy tune. But now it means so much more. I challenge you to think of a song from when you were a little kid and listen to it again.  I know that you will deduce something totally different about the song now then you thought of when you were little. This line from the song speaks to me so much, “Bet you on land they’d understand they don’t reprimand their daughters”. As much as I’d like to admit it I’m not a perfect daughter.This statement helps me so much and shows me that when you don’t follow the rules obviously you’re going to get punished. Most of the time my parents are right and I shouldn’t go against all of the things that they say.

                I will forever have that hilarious memory because of this one song. Part of Your World by Jodi Benson has been so much for me throughout my life. Most people don’t realize how much a song can affect your life and how many happy, crazy, and funny memories one song can create. From when I was younger and watched The Little Mermaid on repeat to now when the lyrics of each song really speak to me. This song will forever be in my memories. This is how song lyrics affect me.

Dress Codes

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It’s 80 degrees F outside and just as hot inside your school.Would you rather wear jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a tank top.Obviously you would pick the cooler option of the tank top and shorts.But as of right now you don’t even have the choice.It’s all thanks to the DRESS CODE. Dress codes have been revamped and are strictly focusing on what girls are allowed to wear.

Schools are pulling girls out of class for showing their shoulders and thighs… and it’s ridiculous. Even though they pull girls out of class the faculty embaresses them, slut shame them, or sometimes they even suspend them.But the worst part is that they think that what they are saying is fine and doing what they are doing is by no mean wrong and mean.But that’s a lie. I think that one of the first steps we need to take is to educate faculty in our schools. Right now they don’t get that what they are doing affects girls and really puts them down.

We are not trying to distract boys from school.According to Nathania Fields, a rising senior at Campus Magnet High School in New York: “I think a lot of the time girls wear what they wear to feel more confident in themselves. The attention from men is, I don’t know, extra.” We also don’t really know what to do with this extra attention from boys and faculty. Just like they boys we are trying to learn. How  are we supposed to learned if we get pulled out of class for what we are wearing.

At LHS (Lewiston High School) we are not aloud to show their shoulders wear clothing that is too tight nor clothes that are too big.But boys are not disciplined when their pants are so baggy that you can see their underwear.How should girls act when they’re being singled out for wearing something.Ecspecially when boys are where the equivalent and aren’t punished.It is a total double standard and totally unfair.

When I was in 8th grade my friend was dress coded for wearing shorts that were past her fingertips.All the faculty had to say was that they were distracting and that she couldn’t wear them again unless she wanted to be punished. . Also when i was in 3rd grade i was told i had to keep my sweatshirt on all day because i was wearing a halter top dress for picture day.I find it amazing that the schools are making the boys’ education more important than the girls’ education.

Dress codes right now are a hot topic in the united states. With school just starting and it being 70+ degrees many people are getting dress coded. Girls are only dressing to be comfortable. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt can be very uncomfortable in that weather. So we either are uncomfortable or  “distracting” to boys.

When you interrupt a girl’s school day to force her to change her clothes or send her home because her shorts are too short or you can see her bra strap it’s telling her that hiding her body is more important than her education. it also shows her that she has to make sure that boys have a distraction free education is more important than her education. This makes her think she is a sexual object. It says that her confidence should be shunned not rewarded. What’s more distracting -looking at  girl’s’ shoulders or being pulled from class, humiliated, and made to change outfits before you’re allowed to learn?  


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