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Youth Support Partner

Youth Support Partners are young adults who have been resilient through their own challenging life experiences. Youth Support Partners are trained to develop strong relationships with youth who experience challenges with the law, school, homelessness, mental health or substance abuse. Youth Support Partners use strong healthy relationships as a pathway towards goal attainment and promote positive youth development. Youth Support Partners work with youth to navigate resources, utilize skills, decrease barriers, and engage young people in leadership to support them to attain their goals. Mentors are able to connect with their mentees and relate to the challenges mentees are facing. Mentees’ are able to explore identity issues, and have the guidance of a mentee to help them gain new perspective.

Our Youth Support Partners are trained with focus on Intentional Peer Support, Appreciative Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, Experiential Learning, Restorative Justice, and Circle Practice. Youth Support Partners work with youth anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The YSP Program focuses on building an authentic connection with a young person.

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What Benefits you from this program:
“I would just be in my room. I’d be you know depressed, anxiety, stuff like that. What I get from the program is an emotional connection you know stimulation intellectually and emotionally as well as visually. Comfort, I guess. It distracts me, it gives me human connection, you know an outlet emotionally. It brings comfort and a peace of mind for today and days after.” (S, 19 years old) – 1 month in the program.


“I learned how to talk or like communicate for myself and teach me to stand up for myself as a person. It’s impacted me in a good way, I have gotten to know you and its cool to have somebody that I’m so much alike and it has had a positive effect on me because it has taught me a lot and you have helped me through a lot of things already.” (B, 17 years old) – 4 months in the program.


Do you feel like there has been an impact in your life since you started the program?
“Yeah, to the extant of I guess comfort, it’s just an outlet for me. I Feel more relaxed, I don’t feel so high strung all the time.” (S, 19 years old) – 1 month in the program.


” I think I would be in a sticky situation right now without the program.You have helped me a lot in my situatution figuring out what I want to do an how to communicate and tell my parents and about how serious my current situation is. So, I don’t think I would be in a good place without this program, because you have taught me a lot and helped me a lot ” (B, 17 years old ) – 4 months in the program.

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