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March Staff Highlight: Andrew

March Staff Highlight: Andrew

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How long have you been with Youth MOVE Maine and what is your position?

I’ve been a Youth Support Partner with the Bangor region since November 1st.

What about Youth MOVE Maine and the work that happens here inspires you?

Each time I meet with a youth I leave wondering what high school or the first few years of college would have been like for me had I been involved in a program like Youth Move Maine. It would have been fantastic to have an unbiased individual in my life whom I could sit down with and discuss everything going on in my life. Each day I look at what the Youth Support Partners are doing and am inspired by not only them, but the amazing youth that we get to work with. The ability of my coworkers and our youth to overcome the obstacles they face in their own lives is incredible. Being able to be a part of a team that helps to empower others to achieve their own goals using their own skills and desire to achieve is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

The MOVE in Youth MOVE Maine stands for Motivating Others Through Voices of Experience, what does that mean to you?

At some point or another everyone experiences a crisis of some sort, and we all learn a unique set of skills and coping mechanisms from that. All of us at YMM have had an experience, or experiences, such as this. To me, MOVE is simply sharing these experiences with those who are struggling with their own crisis, and then sharing the outcome. We describe our moving towards strategies while acting as living proof that there is no such thing as a hopeless situation, and subsequently providing support for others as they become motivated to face their own crisis.

When you think back through your time at Youth MOVE Maine what is a fond memory you have?

One of my fondest memories from the short time I’ve been here is my first day of training at our old office in Brewer. The immediate sense of comfort I felt among the rest of the staff here, and how welcome I was, felt like proof that this was somewhere I belonged.

If you could do anything to change the world, what would you do?

I hope to one day have a hand in changing the perception of mental health issues. So many young people in Maine, the United States, and the world silently struggle with mental health issues of some sort due to lack of awareness, fear of the stigma, and inadequate availability of services and treatment.

Spring is almost here, what are you excited to do this spring?

I’m looking forward to being able to spend the day outside relaxing and playing lawn games without having to wear a million layers.

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