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December Staff Highlight: Moon

December Staff Highlight: Moon

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MoonHow long have you been with Youth MOVE Maine and what is your position?
I’ve been with Youth MOVE Maine for two years and some change. I’m the Regional Coordinator in Southern Maine.

What about Youth MOVE Maine and the work that happens here inspires you?
Watching young people able to keep faith in the circumstances that most would bend, humbles me and reminds me nothing life throws at me is impossible to beat.

The MOVE in Youth MOVE Maine stands for Motivating Others Through Voices of Experience, what does that mean to you?
Our stories and experiences often mold the people we become. To me this means that we ourselves are constant testimonies of the power to overcome.

When you think back through your time at Youth MOVE Maine what is a fond memory you have?
My favorite memory is my early time as a Youth Support Partner. I’ve maintained relationship with a few of my early young folks and it’s so fun to talk about how we both learned as we went and blossomed great friendships from awkward starts.

If you could do anything to change the world, what would you do?
I would completely flip the understanding of mental health, to not be a debilitating stamp, but a yet to be understood gift.

What’s your favorite outdoors activity in fall weather?
Basketball any weather.

 (This interview has been edited for clarity and length)

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